Your music-loving child deserves only the best times tables songs

"Doobalooby Music has produced an album of multiplication songs that really work and kids love!! Thoroughly recommend it for its super catchiness; this simply has to be the easiest way to learn the times tables!"

- Amy Robertson, parent and primary math consultant.

Times Tables Music  by Doobalooby Music: The best multiplication songs for kids

Times Tables Music by Doobalooby Music: The best multiplication songs for kids


Learning the times tables is now easier than ever

Missing out on the basics in mathematics is not worth the heartache! Children who learn the times tables early find it much easier to thrive in their math education.

Times Tables Music is the ultimate multiplication song collection. A diverse fusion of pop, dance and karaoke, it will soon have you singing the times tables as naturally as any pop song! Maybe even in front of your whole class!

Just launched on 1 March 2016, Times Tables Music sets a new benchmark for educational music and is already turning singers, dancers, and music lovers into times tables champions!