You didn't think we would just leave you with the twos, did you! I have just released another track and it's now available for you to enjoy and learn the times tables while you sing!

Introducing... The 4 Times Table Song (Feat. TJ) by Doobalooby Music!! 

About the song:

The 4 Times Table Song had its genesis some months before the beginning of the Times Tables Music Project. It has an instantly recognisable tuneful pop feel. It starts gradually, and steadily develops to its euphoric best in the closing verses! There is lots of chopping of vocals in this one to give it its commercial vibe, and of course a touch of autotune to add some sparks!

TJ is a well established singer in Melbourne with extensive live experience both in his band the Young Poets, and as a solo artist. His talent has lead to his gaining significant television exposure in Australia. In case there is any question about TJ's abilities, listen to the long note at the end of the last verse of the song! TJ really did sing it in its entirety! No tricks, I promise!! Amazing.

How to approach this song and learn your 4 times tables

Here's how to learn your 4 times tables!!

  1. Put the video on in the background and listen to it a lot! Have a dance; tap your feet! 
  2. When you are familiar with the melody, have a shot at singing along in the parts you remember. You can read the tables on the video to help you!
  3. In the second and fourth verse, TJ let's you take over!! Sing your heart out! You're on your own!! Make sure you put a lot of feeling into your voice! TJ and his boys are there in the background to help and encourage you!
  4. Repeat step 1. (!!)

I hope you all enjoy the song, and don't forget, the full album is available on iTunes right now!