Hey everyone! I'm proud to announce that 2 Times Table Song is now available for you to listen to FREE on youtube!

So what can you do to get started??

I suggest just playing the song a few times every day just to listen to it! Don't worry if you can't remember the words straight away, just tap your feet or dance along! Soon you will know some of the words automatically, and pretty soon, you will know all of the words off by heart!! 

When you know the words, you will be able to sing in all of the karaoke sections just like your favourite pop star!

It will be so much fun! And, you are learning really important skill for the future!

So what can you do while you are listening to the songs???

Here are a few suggestions: Draw a picture, eat breakfast, clean your room, make a sandwich, read a book! I think that one of the best places to listen to music is in the car! 

I hope you enjoy learning the times tables. Knowing your times tables will make you feel really clever, and it's very useful too! These times tables songs are going to help you many many times though out your whole life, so dance along, and good luck!!!

Doobalooby Music