The Approach

Doobalooby Music and its album Times Tables Music are the creations of music producer David O'Reilly from Melbourne, Australia. Doobalooby Music aims to use brand new songs to help children who enjoy music to learn the times tables. 

The guiding principle for Doobalooby Music is that multiplication songs ought to be both simple enough to recall but also interesting and challenging enough to appeal. Indeed, children's music does not need to be childish.

Conception and Development

The concept for Times Tables Music grew from a simple conversation with a primary school teacher who complained his students were struggling in math because they had never managed to learn the times tables.

And so the task began: the creation of eleven new, modern and truly interactive multiplication songs, which, aside from being educational, would be fantastic songs in their own right and would appeal not just to kids, but also to music savvy parents.

Musically, I wanted children to not only like listening to the songs, but also to love singing them. Then, of course, learning the times tables would be inevitable, every time.
-David O'Reilly

The Completed Album

The album covers a variety of styles. Each song repeats a given times table four to five times. Alternating verses are 'karaoke' verses, which kids are able to sing all on their own with the full force of the music. The songs are carefully produced with subtle cues to help kids with the timing and melody. This is especially vital for parents who sometimes need extra help!

Good music strengthens memories. I hope that Times Tables Music provides many memorable sing-along moments for families. I certainly remember singing the times tables on the way to school!
-David O'Reilly


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